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Collectible 506 is the premiere geek culture website for Spanish speaking fans throughout Latin America, the United States, Spain and elsewhere; our dedicated team covers events all over the world, C506 keeps a finger on the beating pulse of gaming, movies, and other geek culture. You can hire press articles, we also offer great product reviews for new companies and investment into the Latin American Geek market. Feel free to contact us.

C506 is proud to work with Blizzard Entertainment, Sideshow Collectibles, Neca, Prime1, Hot-Toys, Mega Cat Studios, Threezero HK, Beast Kingdom, Reaper Miniatures, Sony, Atari, Kinmen Studios, Mondo, Mezco, Devir, HP OMEN, Warner Bros, GFX Distribution, XM Collectibles, CD PROJEKT RED, Dynamite Comics, Activision, Square-Enix, Devir Americas, ZenMarket, DC Comics, McFarlane Comics and more.

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Johann Morales
Jurista, escritor y director del proyecto C506. Autor de las novelas “Lo que Sangra” (2011) y "Cuentos de Edelmira" (2015). Estudiante de dirección de proyectos informáticos, vive distante dentro de un mundo de coleccionables y películas.

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