Coming Soon! Portal 2: Series IV

Portal 2: Series IV Collectible Figures now feature 6 different open and closed versions of all-new decorative Turret designs to provide discreet protection in a variety of environments.


But that’s not all! Build your own Test Chamber with challenging puzzles using necessary testing elements like Cubes and high functioning Spheres!

Collect all 21 Figures:


  • Axe
  • ClownFish
  • Penguin
  • Red Backed Tree Frog
  • Splatter
  • Sprinkles


  • Activated Companion Cube (Rusted)
  • Companion Cube (Rusted)
  • Companion Cube with Hoopy (Rusted)
  • Weighted Storage Cube (Invisible)
  • Weighted Storage Cube (Propulsion)
  • Weighted Storage Cube (Repulsion)


  • Adventure Sphere
  • Space Sphere (Rusted)
  • Wheatley (Rusted)

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The Automated security system previously only available to Aperture Science Enrichment Centers is now available to the public!

MSRP (Single Booster): $5.99 

MSRP (Counter-Top Display): $71.88
SKU: 73784

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